Grace School – Foundation for Life…since 1998

We believe in learning, listening, sharing and caring. We aspire to love, respect, understand and encourage. We are here to gently inspire.

GRACE SCHOOL, in Gopalganj, Bihar, India, was conceived and founded in the year 1998. It was registered in 2002. GRACE SCHOOL is recognized by the Department of Education, Government of Bihar, India. It is, at present, managed by Society for Community Education (SFORCE) and is in its 21st year of service to the children and community, humbly planting the seeds of God’s love while imparting quality education to achieve academic excellence and all round development.

GRACE SCHOOL, an elementary school, is based on the teachings and principles of Lord Jesus Christ, where we continuously strive to build a strong foundation and provide a safe, loving and caring environment for the little children. At GRACE SCHOOL, we hope that the children will learn and discover about God’s love and their respective talents and role in this world as responsible and God-fearing citizens in the best possible way to serve, bless and prosper.

The Admission & Education Process

The admission process is based on the policy of “first come, first served” and we endeavor to follow the government’s Right to Education Act, (RTE Act), 2009, as implemented in the state of Bihar. The registration for admission date is declared every year which marks the beginning of the admission process with terms and conditions. Please contact the office in person for details. To get in touch, please  Click Here.

Grace School – Foundation for Life…since 1998
We make every effort to follow the curriculum prescribed by the NCERT, other recognized boards and institutions of India and incorporate other effective and innovative methodologies and practices from around the world to enable and shape the future along with embedding values, wisdom, understanding and tradition as they evolve with time. We also have our own innovative team of advisors, experts and teachers that constantly endeavors to research and experiment with traditional, practical and modern means of imparting child-centered education.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

We endeavor to provide sufficient scholarships to talented students and offer financial aid to the poor and underprivileged children according to the available resources with the prevailing terms and conditions, without any discrimination. The RTE Act, 2009, as implemented in the state of Bihar, is followed as per the norms set forth from time to time, for providing free and compulsory education. Kindly contact the office in person for further information and details.

Accountability, Administration & Management

The Society and the School is managed by seven Executive Committee members; President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and three Executive Committee Members and the Administrative Team, comprising of five permanent members; Principal, Vice Principal, Administrator, Accounts Officer, Management Representative and Office-in-charge.

We are accountable to one another, the students, parents, the community, the Executive Committee and to the various departments of the State and Central governments of India.

Grace School – Foundation for Life…since 1998
Grace School – Foundation for Life…since 1998